Author of Chapter 4 – Multi-Ethnicity & Editor

Multi—See the Beauty of God’s Heart for All People explores the multi-dimensional nature of God and its implications on the way we live. Pastor David Cannistraci invited me to write Chapter 4 on Multi-Ethnicity in the Church, offering a synopsis of multi-ethnicity in Scripture, practical tips on how to seek reconciliation, and diverse stories from the community of Gateway City Church. Multi- is available for purchase from Amazon.

TEDxYouth Talk –
Shine Through the Shame

Gilroy High School
31 March 2018

In this TEDxYouth Talk, I shared my journey of healing from shame with a group of high school students.

To Reach a City

Commissioned by Gateway Community Outreach

Script – Kathryn Kong
Film – Paradigm Films
Talent – Daniel Adams, DiAnn Beatty, Anthony Hernandez, Tiffany Lin, Ray Watts
August 2018

San Jose-We Love This City

Commissioned by Gateway Community Outreach

Script – Kathryn Kong
Film – Paradigm Films
September 2017

40 Dawns & 40 Dusks
by Melissa Alvey

Foreword & Editor

My friend Melissa Alvey crafted this visual meditation on death and resurrection, painting sunrises and sunsets each day for forty days, exploring themes such as forgiveness, grace, and joy. I was honored to write the Foreword as well as edit this beautiful collection of work. Limited copies available at The Works of George MacDonald bookstore.


Poem featured in the Bolt Magazine
Issue Four: Fall 2014

“Sincere” is a simple plea for authenticity in the way we interact with the world and with each other.

The Least of These

Poem featured in the Phoenix Publication, 2008

“The Least of These” is a poem about an encounter with a homeless man on the streets of Santa Barbara, CA. This poem was published in the 2008 edition of “The Phoenix,” the creative student journal of Westmont College.

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