Patchwork Days

What is this mystery—the way time goes? Time goes, shuffling on its feet or shooting past like a comet, lighting up a little darkness. Time goes, creating distance, creating space. Memories crash and shift like kaleidoscope patterns. Days interweave.

Where have you come from? Where are you going?

Moments of time—-patches of color: deep purple of a jacaranda in full bloom. Grey and green of steel and city gardens. Silver shine of rain and moonlight. Streetlights shimmering in a dimpled pond. Colored lights strung on a porch. The swirl and swell of milk poured into black tea. Dappled sunshine on the arch of a deer’s back. Flowering cactus.

Do you remember? Do you see yet?

The hours, the hours, passing by… Sift through the hustle of days, choose to remember, extricate moments of light and life: fragments with ragged ends. Bind them together in your mind, mismatched textiles pieced together.

In the choosing, in the binding, in the remembering, in the telling, a vast rich new pattern emerges. They come alive again. You come alive again.

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