Have You Forgotten?

For Good Friday this year I had the privilege of performing a spoken word piece at my church. The words are below; the backing track was “Slow Your Breath Down” by Future of Forestry, the piano and strings, instrumental version, which can be found on Noisetrade. Press play and relive the experience. 


Have you forgotten to be amazed? Have you forgotten the value of the treasure hidden inside your heart? Has your longing for the endless One, the God of the universe grown dull?

You have heard the message time and again: He loves you so much He died for you.

Once, the words burrowed deep and lit you up from inside until you thought you would burst from carrying such radiance in your heart. You saw His light all around and held Him close like a marvelous, living secret.

Sometimes, your awareness of Him fades. The stories and words feel heavy, the meaning melted right out. And you ask Him: How did I lose You? When did the brightness and beauty go?

But He says: Little girl, get up! Little boy, get up! Sons and daughters, wake up! My love has never run out on you. My love for you is like a rushing waterfall, tumbling full force and new every moment, never letting up. Come back! Come back to Me for in Me there is rest, in Me there is freedom.

Now this day, this Good Friday, we remember His weeping and His sacrifice. No tear, no drop of His blood was wasted; each one was spent on purpose for you. He died that you may live. The same love that raised Jesus can bring the dead places in your heart to life.

So do not fear, He has conquered death. Do not fear, He is with you always. Do not fear, His perfect love casts out all fear.

Now: stir up your wonder again, stir up your love and your longing. Become like a child, curious and inquisitive. Reach out your hand for more, for more and more. He will meet you and take you on a grand adventure. A grand adventure of love.

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